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Editorial Photography

As most of you probably are aware, I do my fair bit of editorial and commercial photography. As much as I love doing wedding photography, I feel that doing editorial and commercial assignments keeps me sharp and on top of my game.

I would like to share with you some of my recent editorial work for a few national magazines:

Audi Magazine: View PDF

To learn more about Vitess and their amazing bikes click here

VW Magazine: View PDF

Peroni Advertorial: View PDF

For more images and video from the interview visit sharpformen.com/peroni


Audi Magazine | Editorial Portrait Session | Toronto

As an active editorial photographer I have the privilege and honour of working with and meeting some fantastic and fascinating people. Recently I did two portrait sessions with some of Audi Canada’s executives. Brad Beckett, Director of Sales, photographed at Real Sports Bar and Grill and Mike Briscoe, Director of Marketing and Product Management photographed at Hotel Le Germain at the Maple Leaf Square. The interview and candid photography are part of the “Why Here?” section of the quarterly Audi Magazine. It’s a place that the interviewee chooses as one of their favourite spots or places they enjoy, and it’s the first question of the interview. The objective for the imagery is to capture the interviewee in  a candid, natural fashion and not staged or posed.

In order to capture both Brad and Mike in a natural pose I photographed both of these sessions during the interview. I also chose not to use any artificial lights such as flashes or strobes instead I opted to use the ambient and available lighting. This allowed me to do two things. One, I was able to freely walk around the subject and photograph from multiple angles and positions and two, I didn’t interrupt the interview which allowed for the natural expressions to shine.

On top of the portrait photographs, the story calls for some atmosphere shots of the location that the interview takes place in. I also chose to shoot both the Real Sports Bar and Grill and Hotel Le Garmain with available lighting. As both of these locations had such wonderful atmospheres.

Here is the interview with Brad Beckett (4/2010): view PDF


Here is the interview with Mike Briscoe (1/2011): view PDF


Jewellery Inspired Wedding Decore by some of the industry’s best

From time to time I get a chance to interact and work with some of the best people in the wedding industry. Nisha Chandra and Paras Mehta both talented wedding decor designers were challenged to design table settings inspired by jewellery boxes: Cartier, Tacori, Tiffany and Scott Kay. You can see what they came up with on TheRingBearer.ca website. There are plenty of images there to draw inspiration from.