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Christine + Felix | Toronto Engagement Session

A few weeks ago I had an awesome engagement shoot with Felix and Christine. Felix’s two loves were at this shoot; Christine and Genny. Both fought for the spotlight, so we solved that by doing the first part of the shoot in a more casual downtown atmosphere. Then Christine and Felix changed into their evening wear and it was time for Genny to get ready for the action as well. One of the locations that I really wanted to shoot was under the Gardiner Expressway. It turned out that it was a bit muddy under there and the ground was very uneven. Unbeknownst to me, it was Genny’s first time “off roading” and she did get stuck in the mud, causing a bit of a panic. Luckily, we got Genny free and positioned her in the perfect spot. We had to take out some rags and give her a bit of a cleaning, and finally we were all ready to do the shoot.

Hope you enjoy!

Ewa + Alex | Engagement Film | Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area

We featured Ewa and Alex’s engagement photos on the blog on June 5th, but as you can imagine, video sometimes takes a little bit more time, so it wasn’t quite ready right there and then. But a month after, it’s ready and approved by Ewa (and Alex, I imagine… hehe!) and I can share it with you! This is a no-dialogue/interview edit. To me, the neatest thing about it is Ewa’s slightly off-key choice of music (‘The Only One’ by The Black Keys)… at first I thought it may be too dramatic, but after cutting images to it, and giving the piece a slightly vintage-y look, I actually really like the effect!

Well, I won’t keep you any longer… just wanted to share. Maybe it’ll give some of you ideas (i.e. if you really like your dogs, why not bring them along?). If you like it, leave a comment or share it. Or ask questions if you want? In any case, that’s it for now. Take care! – Christian

Winnie + Jason | Downtown Toronto Esession

June’s a busy month (probably the busiest!) for weddings, so sometimes you’d just like a day off to relax… OR… you’d want to have the opportunity to shoot a relax, laid back and fun session with people like Winnie and Jason. Despite shooting in a bunch of different locations – the St. Lawrence Market (they’re foodies!), along the Esplanade outside the Novotel, and at the Telus building (where they met) -, the day was fun and effortless… a breeze! And so even though there’s a million things on the go as always, and despite the fact we shot them just last week, I couldn’t help but give the photos a quick edit and put them on the blog. Hope you enjoy!

Rachel+Rob Lifestyle Engagement Session | High Park | Toronto

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of spending some time with Rachel and Rob during their engagement session that took place beside their home and at High Park. Like with every engagement session, the purpose is to capture the couple and their lifestyle. It allows both you and I to get to know one another even better and for you to get more comfortable around the camera. Consider it a dinner rehearsal before the wedding, only we’re not eating, just having fun hanging out with one another and of course creating some awesome work together.

Rob and Rachel I’m so excited to be a part of your wedding on the July 1st long weekend in Nigara-on-the-lake. See you soon!