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Christine + Felix | Downsview Park | Columbus Event Centre | La Primavera Toronto

One of the amazing things about our work is that we get to photograph all types of weddings, go to all kinds of locations, and experience all sorts of rituals first-hand. In this case, we had the opportunity to shoot Christine and Felix’s contemporary wedding, which happened at Columbus Event Centre in Toronto, with a stop at Downsview Park before going to the reception at La Primavera. These are straightforward facts, and they’re all true, but what’s more important is the things that are more difficult to accurately describe: the sense of anticipation as Christine sat on the bed looking at her dress before getting ready, the playfulness of Felix and his groomsmen, the emotion when they finally saw each other – the big reveal! – and then that moment when they both officially became husband and wife. How do you tell the story of why someone falls in love, of what compels them to tell the whole world about it? I’ve attempted to do it in images here, and hope that this selection of photographs can convey, in some tenuous way, the sheer beauty of this awesome couple’s big day.

Christine and Felix, many, many congrats, I hope you have as much fun for the rest of your marriage as you did on your wedding day!

Oh, and by the way, you learn more about their story, and to see Christine and Felix’s engagement photos here.


Video: Stories Worth Sharing
Makeup: Maggie Ng
Ceremony – Columbus Event Centre
Reception – La Primavera

Francine+Nick | North York Wedding | Montecassino Hotel & Event Venue

Francine and Nick’s wedding was a blast to shoot. Yes, it was rainy, and yes it was humid, but that didn’t stop anyone from having a lot of fun. Both Francine and Nick embraced the weather and came fully prepared for a tarantula downpour (that luckily didn’t happen) They had matching umbrellas, rain boots and most importantly lots of laughs and energy.

One amazing thing was that the priest, Father Paul, who’s been conducting the sacrament of marriage for over 27 years, said that it has never rained during or 30 minutes after any of his ceremonies. He even reassured both Nick and Francine by opening the church’s side doors during the ceremony :-).

We chose Dempsey Park to do our “photo shoot”. The park is located adjacent to St. Edwards Church in North York. Francine lives really close to that park and has walked through it’s paths on a number of occasions, so it made perfect sense to use it as our backdrop. Another nice thing that the park offered besides the grass and trees was an old brick house with a fantastic green porch surrounding it. The porch came in hand because of the rain, but it also allowed us to take some “urban” photography giving Francine and Nick a great variety of images.

The reception was held at the fabulous Montecassino Hotel & Event Venue in Downsview. I loved the large hardwood dance floor, beautiful high ceilings and ample space for the 300 guests in attendance. The veal chop, salads, and various pastries were all absolutely fantastic as well.

A big congratulations to the both of you Francine and Nick. Thank You for allowing us to share this day with you.

Hope you enjoy…. don’t be shy, leave a comment and share with your friends :-)

Church: St. Edward’s Church, North York
Venue: Montecassino Hotel & Event Venue
DJ: DJ Floh Back Productions