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Ewa + Alex | Engagement Film | Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area

We featured Ewa and Alex’s engagement photos on the blog on June 5th, but as you can imagine, video sometimes takes a little bit more time, so it wasn’t quite ready right there and then. But a month after, it’s ready and approved by Ewa (and Alex, I imagine… hehe!) and I can share it with you! This is a no-dialogue/interview edit. To me, the neatest thing about it is Ewa’s slightly off-key choice of music (‘The Only One’ by The Black Keys)… at first I thought it may be too dramatic, but after cutting images to it, and giving the piece a slightly vintage-y look, I actually really like the effect!

Well, I won’t keep you any longer… just wanted to share. Maybe it’ll give some of you ideas (i.e. if you really like your dogs, why not bring them along?). If you like it, leave a comment or share it. Or ask questions if you want? In any case, that’s it for now. Take care! – Christian


This fall we wanted to go with the kids to the Toronto Zoo… Turns out that they changed the times on us. So there we were, 5pm in the afternoon, beautiful fall day and nowhere to go. We drove around for a bit and finally stumbled on a small playground. The kids frowns turned to smiles and they hit the swings. I had my camera and was itching to do a short video with it. Here’s the result:

Let me know what you think of it.

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