Differences between Escorts and Prostitutes

Most people say that escort is a more formal word to describe a prostitute and hence their argument is that there is no difference between prostitution and escorting. The reality is that escorts and prostitutes are two different people who perform different duties. Below is a more detailed explanation of the differences between a prostitute and an escort.

An prostitute is female or a male who is ready for hire to fulfill sexual desires, and therefore they are available on streets or bars mostly during the night, on the other hand, an escort is a beautiful lady or a handsome man who is hired for entertainment purposes and they mostly work in agents or companies. An escort, just like the word sounds, is someone who is much classier, and can be hired to escort a guest or a tourist to a given destination, as well as meet the clients’ sexual desires.

Prostitutes are ready for hire to everybody who is in need to fulfill sexual desires. Prostitutes are a bit cheap as they are paid for satisfying the client sexually, escorts are a bit more expensive and classy as they are paid for escorting their clients to a various destination and also they are paid for having a glamorous and sexy look. Prostitutes may or may not be clean, there is no accountability for them. However, escorts are tested frequently by the agency that employs them to ensure they are disease free.

To hire an escort you have to conduct a research in advance to know the escorts agency you would like to work with and also know the qualities of the escort you would like to hire. On the other hand, prostitutes are much easier to access. You don’t need to do any prior research as they are often readily available on streets or brothel for short time hire.

To hire an escort you have your time to choose the agency you want to get escorts from and also you can view photos of the available escorts with their qualities and contacts available, while for prostitutes you don’t have all the time to do your selection you just point and approach.

With the many differences between prostitutes and escorts, you can now clearly tell who is a prostitute and who is an escort and you can now be able to choose an escort when you need a true companion and quality escort services. Visit at cityofeve.org for more info.

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